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Greetings on the behalf of the AREA-Uganda board and on my own behalf!

We are grateful for the opportunity given to the current Board of directors to steer the leadership of the association.

AREA-Uganda has been in existence for 10years. During this time the Association whose main goal is to improve the real estate business in Uganda has made and continues to make a number of milestones.

We now have the Real Estate Institute of East Africa that continues to train our members to be professional in their businesses and also provide capacity building.  We have been able to promote the introduction of undergraduate courses in real estate and the same have been embraced by Makerere Business School and Uganda Martyrs University as we continue to engage other institutions.

We have been and continue to engage government and other stakeholders on matters that affect our real estate business environment. These include policies, laws, taxes, financing and investment. In the same spirit we are engaging business stakeholders in order to increase business opportunities for our members.

We are in the process of establishing safeguards to our practice in order to promote integrity in our industry by licensing, issuance of identity cards and establishing a tribunal that will enforce adherence to our code of conduct and community sensitization.

Our new board is committed to deliver on the mandate that has been placed upon them to steer the association towards achievement of our objectives.

We encourage our members and associates to always participate in our activities and support the board in all our endeavors.

Yours Sincerely

Shirley Kongai