Multiple Listing Service

Our goal as AREA is to address some of the gaps that are inherent in the real estate sector in Uganda. One of the issues is information scarcity.

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Why Join AREA?
AREA-Uganda came into existence after realizing the negative trend of events that have been taking place in the real estate agency market place. The market has been circulated by un-educated practitioners in the discipline...

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Membership Benefits
  • Promote professionalism of real estate Managers and agents/brokers as a marketing tool for your products.
  • Network with institutions and companies present during AREA events/ meetings.
  • TStudent members get a chance to do Internship with our member companies. It is a source of employment for some members and an out sourcing for others.
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Upcoming Events

Condominium law and property Training

The condominium law and property training is on. The theme for the training is understanding the laws and polices governing condominium properties. It is a two day training starting on the 28th ...



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