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The Association of Real Estate Agents, AREA- Uganda was established in April 2008 as an umbrella body to champion matters of concern for real estate agents. AREA – Uganda has been in existence for ten years with growing membership, and has become a recognized and influential force in the public and private sector. The association has morphed from merely representing matters concerning agents to an association that champions real estate sector matters as a whole.
Membership to area is open to all real estate practitioners who subscribe to the objectives of the association or those pursuing the profession in the various recognized higher institutions of learning. Currently real estate studies are being offered at Makerere University Business School, Uganda Martyrs University and the Real Estate Institute of East Africa.

Membership to the Association is categorized into:
i. Individual Membership
ii. Corporate Membership
iii. Associate Membership

AREA-Uganda is a private sector association established by its members in 2008 with the main objective of professionalizing the real estate industry. The regulatory framework in enshrined in her constitution 2008.

The objectives of the association among others are:
i. To unite those engaged in the recognized branches of the real estate profession for the purpose of exerting a beneficial influence upon the profession and related interests.
ii. To promote and maintain high standards of conduct in the real estate profession as expressed in the Code of Ethics of the Association of Real Estate Agents Uganda [AREA- Uganda].
iii. To be a voice of the real estate sector regarding its relation with government and other stake holders.
iv. To organize meetings and activities for members.
v. To further the interest of home and other real property ownership.
vi. To provide its members with an up' to-date information in estate market developments anand matters of concern to the association.
vii. To strengthen and expand the existing real estate market, thereby promoting real estate business.
viii. To encourage professionalism in the real estate business by promoting continuous training programs.
ix. Operationalize the Code of Ethics by all members and determine matters of professional conduct.

x. Increase visibility of the Code of ethics in the AREA Website and other forum.

xi. Strengthen ongoing Training Program for the Code of Ethics, including new member training.
xii. To advise members on education and technological developments.
xiii. To establish and determine scales of membership fees and membership guidelines
xiv. To liaise with other professional bodies in matters of common interest.
xv. Appoint a Tribunal to Hear Ethics Complaints.

THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The executive committee is comprised of the following;
i. The President
ii. The Vice President
iii. The Secretary
iv. The treasurer
v. Chairperson Disciplinary
vi. Chairperson Women council
vii. Chairperson Publicity
viii. Chairperson Education
ix. Chairperson Membership



GOALS - Vision To empower real estate agents in Uganda Mission To support our members’ real estate business success. Goals The goals of the association are as hereunder:1. To professionalize the real estate agency and brokerage business in Uganda. AREA aims to continually raise the bar of professionalism for Uganda’s Real Estate, Dealers, brokers, and agents. We want to see an industry w ....

ACHIEVEMENTS - Over the years AREA Uganda has been able to register a number of achievements for its members within the real estate sector. AREA-UGANDA will continue to develop its initiatives to professionalize the real estate industry of Uganda and promote its members’ business success and the standardization of real estate activities, to organize training courses, research meetings and workshops, and t ....
MEMBERSHIP - AREA membership is comprised of three categories as follows: Corperate Memership, Individual Membership, Student membership and Associate membership.
COLLABORATIONS - Collaborations   The association has had collaborations with a number of institutions and is still aiming at associating with other strategic partners. These include:a. Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Developmentb. Private Sector Foundation Uganda.c. Makerere University Business School.d. IHC Global.e. Etc TRANSLATE with x English Arabic Hebrew Polish Bu ....
BOARD OF DIRECTORS - AREA Uganda held an Annual General Meeting and part of the agenda included voting new BOD members for the Association. The new president for the Association is Ms. Shirley Kongai and the Vice President is Mr. Mwesige Charles. We congratulate the new Board and applause the outgoing for the achievements in the last four years in office. The Association of Real Estate Agents Uganda is overseen by a ....



Jumbo plaza, Ground floorPlot 2, Parliamentary avenue. Kampala -Uganda,
P.O. Box 36579 Kampala, Uganda

LINDA: +256 708 575631 , +256 776 166591



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